Understanding Emissions Offsetting

Αθλητισμός και περιβάλλον
Αθλητισμός και περιβάλλον

According to many scientists, the measures mentioned above are not sufficient to achieve a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in an appropriate period of time as required in order to avoid dangerous climate change. Therefore it is additionally necessary to exploit numerous regional initiatives and private activities for the protection of the climate. Generally greenhouse gas emissions should be avoided and reduced wherever possible. In some cases this is not possible or feasible. In such cases it is useful to apply the mechanism of climate-neutrality in order to contribute to the protection of the climate.

The underlying idea of climate-neutrality is quite simple: Greenhouse gases are a global threat no matter where they are emitted. For the climate it does not matter where emissions are emitted or avoided. Therefore it is possible to offset unavoidable emissions at place A by undertaking additional efforts to avoid or reduce emissions at place B. Climate-neutral ac-tivities are implemented by buying or retiring emission reduction certificates that come from approved projects for the protection of the climate.


In 2015, the offsetting will be realized by supporting a biogas CDM verified Project that reduces
apprx 40,000 tons CO2 equivalent per year, in Bagepalli, Karnataka, India.
The purpose is to set up 18,000 biogas plants of 2 m3 capacity each for households
in order to replace Kerosene and Non-Renewable Biomass with biogas
for cooking and water heating.