Voluntary Recycling Program

Voluntary Recycling Program
Αθλητισμός και περιβάλλον
Voluntary Recycling Program


…..making the gold Marathon GREENER

With the support of Coca-Cola Hellas and Coca-Cola 3E

In the beginning of 2010 INSTITUTE TEAM FOR THE WORLD has being awarded with a major recognition regarding its efforts of making the Athens Classic Marathon an event that protects the climate of the planet. The United Nations Environment Program CLIMATE NEUTRAL NETWORK has admitted the organization as its first Greek member. INSTITUTE TEAM FOR THE WORLD had the chance to present its efforts during a UNEP/CLIMATE NEUTRAL NETWORK webinar before the Athens Classic Marathon, acknowledging the Coca-Cola Hellas contribution to make the recycling program happen.

  • The voluntary recycling program of the unique Athens Classic Marathon was one the initiatives that contributed to this acknowledgment.
  • In 2014, Institute Team for the World implemented again the ”ATHENS AUTHENTIC MARATHON GREEN TEAM” for the ninth time having again the fundamental support of Coca-Cola Hellas and Coca-Cola3E, always under the auspices of SEGAS the organizer of the event.
  • Our Green Team this year consisted of 140 volunteers who were deployed along all the Marathon course runners assistance stations, the 5 and 10 Km stations.
  • More than 290 cardboard bins with the adequate signage were set up from the very beginning of day in all 17 athletes assistance stations of the run.
  • The Green Team volunteers had the support of all the volunteers that manned up the runners assistance stations. We have to mention that this year TEAM FOR THE WORLD provided the organizers a guide that was incorporated to the material that was given to all volunteers. In this information material the contribution of the Coca Cola system in Greece was properly mentioned.
  • As a result of this joint effort the amount of approximately 4.1 tons of pure PET was at the end separated and forwarded for recycling.
  • The material after being collected by the volunteers was transported by three vehicles to a Recyclable Materials Separation Plant at Aspropirgos , associated to HERRCO.



After the event, all volunteers received a personalized certificate as a commemoration of their participation to this extraordinary effort.

As pointed out in the five previous years reports, the need for the Coca Cola system in Greece to provide smaller bottles to the runners, was one of the main observations this year as well. Huge amounts of water are thrown with no use and the amount of plastic/ resources that can be saved by utilizing a smaller bottle is significant.

The voluntary recycling initiative has been publicised in the MARATHON EXPO during the registration period thus enhancing the public’s awareness over the project.

After the event, TEAM FOR THE WORLD communicated the results of this year’s program to the UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM CLIMATE NEUTRAL NETWORK.