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                     The "Green" Golden Marathon                


Athens Marathon 10 years





For the eleventh year this unique event reduces its environmental and carbon footprint.

During the last nine years, SEGAS, the organizer of this unique event, in cooperation with environmental experts
(GLOBAL CHALLENGES sustainability advisors) and non governmental organizations (Institute Team for the World) with the financial support of Coca-Cola Hellas and Coca Cola 3E, gave a greener taste to the Athens Marathon. The Authentic, with the implementation of two unique environmental projects, the plastic bottles recycling Project undertaken by volunteers and the emissions offsetting Project regarding the participants local and international.
The importance of these two programs have been acknowledged internationally and have been showcased by the United Nations Environment Program Climate Neutral Network.
These initiatives are benchmarks for organizations around the world in the sports and cultural sector.
By clicking on the buttons next to the text you can have a thorough understanding of the outcome of these programs of
the 32nd Athens Classic Marathon 2014.




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